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Dimension off a construction plane

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by Community Visitor jrinad70 a week ago |

So I just discovered that while I'm sketching a section to construct a feature I can not dimension an edge of my sketch to an existing construction place (one that is oriented normal to my sketching plane thus showing as a line).  This is unbelievable.  What if I wanted to designate that plane as a datum to locate other features?  then I could move multiple features that reference that datum by simply moving the datum/plane.  Please add the ability to locate off of construction planes.

By: Advisor kb9ydn
a week ago |

You can't use construction geometry with joints either, which is also incredibly lame.




By: Community Visitor jrinad70
Saturday |

So I've done some more learning and have discovered how to reference a construction plane while sketching another section.  While you are sketching your section, such the "Project" command.  This will allow you to select the construction plane which will create a reference allowing one to dimension to/from it.  Not sure why one can't just select the plane and the software just adds it, but that is how you add/creat that reference to your section.

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