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Custom settings for all visual elements

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by Collaborator thburn on a month ago - last edited a month ago |


F360 is a visual tool that means almost everything we do in F360 is guided by our eyes. From my opinion currently F360 lacks of user friendly colors almost everywhere.

Higlighted elements (e.g. construction planes, faces, lines in sketches) have only subtle differences in colors as already mentioned here:



But there are more lacks:

I am working with a high resolution screen (iMac 27" 2560x1440 px) which is really great to work with F360.


One problem I have is the visibility of, lines in skteches, construction lines and also inside CAM the paths, lead-in, lead-out, etc. they appear too thin.

Furthermore I cannot distinguish the color of these thin lines if it is purple, blue, black or whatever because they appear too thin, just one pixel width.

So please add an option in preferences where I can set the thickness of all lines in F360.

I also want highlighted elements appear thicker. The thickness also should get a custom setting in preferences.


It would be also great if one could set custom colors for all elements like lines, selected lines, projected lines, construction planes, highlighted planes, faces, selected faces, bodies, selected bodies, etc..


This would give the user more control over how he wants to see, highlight etc. the visual elements.

Please also consider people who are handicapped with their eyes they often whish to get more contrast or whatever.

So please add custom settings for all visual elements in F360.



Thanks a lot!





By: Collaborator thburn
| Posted 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago |

Ok guys,


since 2 weeks this idea is online now and still 0 Kudos???

So am I really the only one with this kind of problem?


Does nobody use a high resolution screen for working with F360 and face same problems?


On my I mac 27" a one pixel line has a width of only 0.2mm - and if this line is yellow (e.g. on toolpath) then this line is really difficult to see and work with.

So this a real existing problem - I really wonder that no user and noone from F360 team has a comment on this issue!?!


It could not be that big deal to provide an option 'Line width' under preferences - or am I wrong?






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