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Constrained Orbit with 3D Connexion Space Mice

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer louis.lbnc Sunday |

Hi, this is a request to enable constrained orbit as an option when using 3D Connexion space mouse peripherals. 


While it is currently possible to set Fusion 360 to lock the horizon with constrained orbit, this setting doesn't carry over to the space mouse. Many users prefer the constrained orbit for design work as locking the horizon shows you your object as you would in the real world. You may notice a lot of users using an unconstrained orbit tool spend a lot of time rolling the camera around in order to get the horizon level.


This issue has been brought up a few times before:






By: Enthusiast yanouk73
Tuesday |

Generaly, I have many problem using my space mouse (3d connection) why I need to select the pan using the regular mouse to have the space mouse starting working?!?


Any improuvement of these 3D connection mouses will be great for many people, when start using a 3D mouse you can't understand what you were doing before to have it, it's a must.


BTW fusion is now really hot, we appreciate your great job so far.

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