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CAM: Select Same Hole (allow exceptions)

Status: Future Consideration
by Advocate a week ago |

Please add an option in "select same diameter" to UNCHECK or deselect certain holes!  We're running parts with hundreds of holes, but we need to exclude certain holes.  Short of changing CAD diameters to 'break' the select-same-diameter functionality, it's very time consuming.

By: Community Manager
Tuesday |
Status changed to: Future Consideration
By: Community Manager
Tuesday |

Thanks for your idea! We have this captured in our backlog for prioritization. We'll keep you posted on our progress. 

By: Employee
Tuesday |



I can add a bit more background, as this is something we have already thought quite a bit about:


If the holes you want to exclude are of a different depth, we actually have an option in beta at the moment: "Only Same Depth". You should be able to try this option in beta mode.


Alternatively, you can split the body and only include the part(s) with the holes in question as the model.


We are trying to avoid having a specific "exclude selected holes" feature as that is not very associative and say you have 50 holes to drill and 50 holes to exclude it doesn't really help.


Options we are considering:


* "Machining Boundary" for drilling - this would allow you to draw a sketch around the holes you want.

* More filters like "Only Same Depth". This quickly becomes complicated though, and is also why we are keeping this in beta for now. We're trying to figure out if there is just a few options that would cover the majority of the use cases.


With that in mind, how are the holes you want to exclude different? If you had to come up with a rule for excluding them, what would that be.



By: Mentor
Wednesday |

@porsbym Some times you really have 100 holes and want to exclude 2 because they are used for fixturing.

In that case selection the ones you don't want would be convenient.

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