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BREP to Mesh Conversion - Expand Slider Max Limits, Include Warning

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer lsummy1256 2 weeks ago |

I like this feature but. . .


The maximum settings seem arbitrary. Not every user's needs match what has been coded in as a maximum for the various settings.


This cap should be removed or raised substantially. Users should be able to determine their own max surface deviation, normal deviation, edge length, and aspect ratio.


Conversely, the maximum edge length can be set so low that the user interface will completely freeze while the program is calculating a very large number of faces. It may be better to provide a warning past a reasonable threshold (probably based on a percentage of the overall model size) giving the user the option to continue, or abort to the previous setting. This issue can be particularly troublesome if 'Preview Mesh' is enabled and the user accidentally drags the 'maximum edge length' slider too low. -Thanks!


Brep to Mesh.PNG

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