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by Participant EDuffner 2 weeks ago |

Dear Autodesk,


Using Fusion 360 I'd like to be able to import off-the-shelf parts like screws and fasteners etc to save time. F360 currently implements McMaster Carr and Parts4Cad for this purpose. Ok two things:


1.  I don't wish to create accounts with these companies or entities. I live in the UK and postage would be prohibitive.

2.  It gets really frustrating to get part way through searching for an item and then be stopped by the annoying login pages.


Please Autodesk, stop the torment, either take away these features or provide them in full. Parts4Cad is also a very bad search interface.


In view of the above can I please request a free, cloud based parts source to better compliment the user experience?  ...even if Fusion 360 users create some of the content themselves?


Thanks & kind regards,


By: Advisor kb9ydn
2 weeks ago |

I don't remember ever being required to login to download parts from McMaster, though I suppose it's possible this is a problem with being outside the US.  But I can certainly see how you would rather download models from a more local supplier, that you could actually order from.  FWIW, McMaster Carr is the gold standard for how to setup a searchable parts database.  I've never seen a better laid out supplier website, except for maybe Digikey.  But they do mostly electronic components and I think very few of their parts have 3D models available.




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