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Allow snapping to imaginary cone vertices

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by Advisor kb9ydn Friday |

See these threads for some background:





What is needed is a way to use the theoretical vertex of cone shaped objects as a point of reference for modelling and joint alignment.  A simple use for this would be in joining flat head screws with countersunk holes, such that the screw head stays in contact with the countersink if the hole size or countersink diameter/depth are changed.  There are ways to do this now but none of them are very efficient.  There are potentially many other uses for this as well.




By: Enthusiast SEIZMICdesign
Friday |

Or just a "hole wizard" a la SolidWorks.

By: Advisor kb9ydn
Friday |

The Solidworks hole wizard is awesome, although that's not really what this is about.  Fusion has a hole wizard already; and while it is somewhat primitive (for now) it does its job ok.  The problem here is when you try to join a flat head screw to a countersunk hole as created by the hole wizard, the only way to get it to seat correctly is to adjust the offset of the joint.  There are workarounds for this but they aren't very efficient.


This idea request goes beyond the hole wizard and applies to any conical geometry at all.




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