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Either fix, explain what to do, or make option.  The sketch command in Inventor for Line, should only create lines.  When i move around fast, and pick points, between click and drop, I get many many arcs.  Arcs are not lines.  They are not even the same number of click points.  This must be fixed, and I don't even know how a programmer would have thought the line command should create arcs.  This issue has been around since 2010 (or earlier) all the way through 2015 (which just came out yesterday) so what gives?


I want to be able to click fast and get nothing but lines as expected.  I thought that was fixed in 2015, when they said that mouse down was the official point event not mouse up, but apparently not.  It's time speed enhancements at the fundamental level are completely addressed.



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in the mold environment I create the mold design using MoldDesign template in mm. The plastic part is in mm. The WP is defined in mm in the dialogue box and, after patch and run-off surfaces are defined and Core&Cavity are created everything is generated in centimetres!!!! Please correct that!
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selection edges, sketch entities

Status: New Idea
by a.sima on ‎04-18-2014 12:37 AM
For what reason is the invisible edge selection is activated when the part is shown Wireframe with Visible Edges Only??? Don't you think one set this way of displaying the part this way just to help him get rid of those invisible edges??? The same thing with invisible edges when dimensioning in sketch why , after selecting two entities if clicking something else in the way when placing the dimension in the sketch the dimension changes the selection!???
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Work plane opacity adjustment

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor timdown73 on ‎04-17-2014 11:07 AM

It would be VERY useful to be able to adjust the opacity of work planes.   It gets pretty hard to see when you have any more than two on at one time. 

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Notch Feature Option for laser cutting

Status: New Idea
by marco.takx on ‎04-17-2014 07:29 AM

I like to see a notch solution for this types of issues:





Solution maybe something like a checkbox within The Notch feature.


(Checkbox) Cut perpendicular to smallest intersection




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Save simulation report formats

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor DWhiteley on ‎04-17-2014 07:26 AM

Inventor FEA / Frame analsysis etc. - in fact every time we have to run a report. (Adesk Sim Mech as well).


Have the option to save the report format (to, say, an XML file).


It's REALLY annoying having to re-tick all the required otions every time.

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Indicate Drawing Available

Status: New Idea
by ileblanc on ‎04-17-2014 05:42 AM



I would like to see an idicator showing weather a drawing is available for a specific part in an assembly bill of material.




Also I would like to see an indicator showing weather it is an IDW or DWG.


This would help on larger projects ensuring that all the detail drawing are complete prior to releasing to production.




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Frame Generator Custom Notch

Status: New Idea
by marco.takx on ‎04-17-2014 04:46 AM

I like to see a notch solution for this types of issues:

(See screenshots 1, 2, & 3)


Solution maybe something like a checkbox within The Notch feature.


(Checkbox) Cut perpendicular to smallest intersection



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Improving the tolerance calculator

Status: New Idea
by rodl on ‎04-17-2014 03:42 AM

Tolerance dimensions can only be added in sketch view. It would be great if any feature or sheet metal flange could have a tolerance.  The tolernace calculator in Inventor is so basic that it is hardly used. The best would be that you select features in the model and let Inventor calculate tolerances in stack ups or parts .  Then even better, let Inventor calculate the tolerance for typical yields in production using the tradition satistical methods.  


Some of these features are common on quite a few other 3D CAD programs.  





VOTE  for these features to be added to a better Inventor product which will save time and money.




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At presently I ahve to extrude all lines from a sketch individually to form surfaces.  Very time consuming when my billable rate is much $.


Poor suggestions are only workarounds when i post in forum.
 ("export to autocad, suck it up, etc...")


I would like to be able to CTRL + select all lines and extrude them as surfaces at once, rather than mulitple times.


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Shaft Dimensioning

Status: New Idea
by kevinb on ‎04-16-2014 02:56 PM

One thing I work on is complex shafts.  As a result, I frequently talk to lathe machinists on where transition points are.  In addition, the bulk of my experience with shaft design is that the diameter is given instead of the radius.  As a result, I have to go through a bunch of tedious overrides on dimensions and digging through properties to set the parameter into a leader instead of a dimension.  I believe that something like the "ordinate dimension" command could be used to create a "dimension shaft" set of dimension settings.  Essentially, you would pick out where the center line is and any dimensions to this center line would default to diameters instead of linears (which require overrides).  A simple button similar to the function of the "centerline" or "construction" line buttons in 2D sketch mode would work great.


On top of that, an "EOP,Dia" dimension mode would really help me talk to lathe machinists.  My experience with them is that they tend to think in terms of diameters and end of parts each time something "important" happens (ie: the ends of a radius).  I think much of the information could be condensed into an X: ####, : #### coordinate system.  I feel this would save a lot of time and effort.


Current methods:  Left is point to point and manual override to center line (much cleaner than clicking the two opposing lines), Right is an Ordinate dimension set (whose dimensions cannot be overridden to diameters)


Dimensioning Type 1.PNG


Condensed X,⌀ form.   (Ideally, no leader arrows and the option to set them at 45° or something would be nice).


Dimensioning Type 2.PNG


This drawing is very simple, but the main thing I'm after is tagging transition points on taper corners that don't like being dimensioned.

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IDW sketched area hatching

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor stephenrottloff7259 on ‎04-15-2014 07:38 AM

Inventor knows when a sketched boundary can not be hatched within an IDW.  The most likely cause is a non-continuity within the sketched area which does not make a complete perimeter.  Since Inventor knows that it can't create the hatch, it would be great for the software to highlight or give visual indicators for the areas where the dis-continuity(s) are at.

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Print Bill of Materials

Status: New Idea
by matt on ‎04-15-2014 04:02 AM

Add an option to print the Bill of Materials in the BOM dialogue of the assembly environment.


print bom.png

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D = d (Dimensions)

Status: New Idea
by crmayo on ‎04-14-2014 06:09 AM

Most of the time when I'm drawing, my cap lock are on.  If you type an uppercase D for a dimension value, Inventor doesn't recognize it as a variable.  I want Inventor to treat uppercase and lowercase D's the same in dimension dialog boxes.

D=d model dimensions.JPG

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Force Effect App for Inventor idws/sketches

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎04-11-2014 11:24 AM

I find myself creating idws of parts and assemblies to document Free Body Diagrams.  I use the sketch tool to draw forces, dimension locations, etc.  When I update the source iam/ipts, the diagrams update. 


Sometimes I print out the idw and take a picture of it with my iPad.  I use the picture as a background for the Force Effect app.  This works ok, but is cumbersome as the design changes.


I would like to see the Force Effect solver running in Inventor so I can create simple 2D Free Body Diagrams without having to go into the Dynamic Simulation environment. 


Ideally, the solver would understand geometry updates to the base components, position and view reps.  I see it running in a child sketch of a drawing view, that way I can project just the required geometry for the Free Body Diagram.




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Wire Bend Radius Violation Notifications

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor Bill.Bogan on ‎04-11-2014 11:07 AM

Update state flags on point nodes to show which point is in violation of the bend radius.

See attached.

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Dynamic Snap Setting adjustment

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor Bill.Bogan on ‎04-11-2014 11:05 AM

When working with components of varying size, and in C-H (Cable & Harness) I find myself wanting to be able to adjust/override the snap setting with a different, perhaps temporary, value. E.g. working with small connectors and wires, a snap value of .0625 is too much. Why not make it easy to change on the fly?

And while at it, why not put the OK, Apply, Cancel options in the Mini Toolbar on the Right Mouse Button. I don't want to move the toolbar into the space I'm working in as it is intrusive. So, let me right-click and move on with work - PRODUCTIVITY!!

Image attached

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Reduce Installer Download Size

Status: New Idea
by kevinb on ‎04-11-2014 06:12 AM

Some of us have poor connections.  In addition, the 64bit installer is too large to download as a single exe file (being something along the line of 4 gigs).  If you don't have fast internet, this can take hours to download at a time.  The problem is that at 3.9 gigs and ~600 megs the first file will frequently time out on our connection (it takes about 10 hours) because of how long it takes.  Breaking it up into two similar sized chunks (~2 gigs for current downloads) would help aleviate this since a junk file that cancels halfway through woudn't take as long to download.  Even better would be breaking it into 20 pieces (which you could mass download or download specific ones that are scrap) or releasing a torrent download (which would significantly reduce the Autodesk server costs). 


Having to set it downloading after work and then hoping it doesn't get disconnected in the night and having to go again the next day because of how large the individual file is and hoping it works that day is not good.  It's needless headache.

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dimension between drawing views

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor stephenrottloff7259 on ‎04-11-2014 05:39 AM

The ability to dimension between 2 different drawing views would be helpful.  When comparing a family of products it is beneficial to be able to show the differences between the members.  Currently I do not see a way of doing this other then by creating sketches and aligning them by eye.

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Joints should be supported in Positional Representations.

Same options as constraints - Modify/Override.....

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