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Simple modifications to our Okuma L300MW post

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04-20-2017 09:12 AM

Hey there! We've got our post most of the way (it was an L250MY post I found on the forums), the last few things I haven't been able to incorporate properly:


-removing the output of M41/M42 codes... if lo-coil/gear needs to be used this can be added to code manually. M41/M42 confuses the sub-spindle and causes the program to stop without any error thrown (had me and a tech stumped for almost an hour before we clued into the cause).


-bringing M08 coolant online earlier in each cycle, after the tool has been called and during the first move towards the chuck (Z or X move)


-incorporating the new spindle transfer codes, I've added them into the end of the post but I'm not really sure how to get started with it (my post-editing skills are pretty basic).


That should pretty much catch the post-end of things up to what we're doing so far.

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Re: Simple modifications to our Okuma L300MW post

04-24-2017 06:40 AM in reply to: joshg



Can you send a exemple of the output you get right now and the one you want

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