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mach3 mill

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03-15-2017 05:10 AM

I need help to reedit mach3_mill.cps post.


My machine have an specific kinematics.


First, X and C-axis are on table, Y,Z and B-axis are on head. B-axis can works just in two positions, vertical and horizontal mill. In mach3 is not B0/B180 , i am give M-codes, on example M1111/M2222. But, head rotate under 45 or 135 degrees, and kinematics must be something like var bAxis = createAxis({coordinate:1, table:false, axis:[0, .707107, -.707107], range:[0,180], preference:1});

Maybe I am on wrong way, but my knowlidge and logic says something like that.


C axis is not problem, range is (-99999,99999).


Now, question is.

Is possible in HSM made program from one job setup (one zero point, just rotate in tool orientation), because mach3 and machine have not TCP mode enable?

Second, is possible to made from program(postprocesor) change G17(vertical)/G18(horizontal) mode, because machine works in that two plane.


Best regards,

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