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LinuxCNC Turning post

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer robotwizardVTXHJ on ‎01-16-2017 10:45 PM - last edited on ‎02-10-2017 07:42 AM |

Can you please add a post processor to library for turning for LinuxCNC ?



I think in a lot of people's workflows the front of part and WCS are the same location. In my work flow, the WCS is a consistent location and the front of the part floats based on a bunch of factors. It would be nice if the option existed to allow the home position to exist relative to the front of the part, so I didn't have to constantly manually correct the location.


Hi dev team. I was working with HSMWorks for nearly two years, Then i switched to InventorHSM. And i noticed one litle thing that i realy miss from HSMWokrs. In HSMWokrs when you creating drill operation after you picked hole you instantly see final depth of cutter and diameter of tool true that litle rings. In Inventor you literally see nothing, how deep drill will bee go. And that instant visual feedback is really usefull.

Sorry for my english.

Status: Accepted

Thanks for all the votes on this one.


We have added it to our backlog as ticket CAM-5801 and expect to start working on it very soon.


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I work at an educational institution and we have recently acquired a CR CNC (division of C.R. Onsrud) Tablemate 2x3 3-axis CNC machine. I would like to use Fusion 360 with this machine, since the artists we work with are most familiar with Autodesk software.

None of the posts I have seen on the autodesk posts page seem to fit the bill. The manufacturer has provided a some reference NC, a DXF, and a PNG of a drawing, which they say will be adequate for having a post written. Based on my interpretation of the NC, it would be a relatively simple post, since there are few instructions supported.

What would next steps be to having a post written or adapted by Autodesk for this machine?

Face milling Climp Option

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator Marco.Takx on ‎12-15-2016 12:14 PM

If you use Climp for Face milling it always starts on one side of the part like below.


Face Climp Milling.png


Make a option availible to mill like below.


Face Climp Milling Option.png

Select same hole size and length while programming drilling functions.

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator Camtool-Ind on ‎12-13-2016 09:41 AM - last edited on ‎12-23-2016 12:54 AM |

Sometimes this select same hole size check box can be more of a PITA than a good thing. Can the option be changed to "select same hole size and length"?


This allows for different hole groups to be selected instead of all holes the same size to be grouped together. You might have a part with 3/8-16 tapped holes with some tapping thru and the others are blind tapped to a depth. With the current system you are forced to select the holes individually to get the different groups for your operation. This is OK for small amount of holes, but do a couple hundred and tell me how slick "select same hole size" works for you.


On another note could this "select hole same size function" be implemented in another way for creating patterns for sub-program support? Kinda like the create profile function or spun feature for the turning side. It would create a parametric sketch that a sup-program could use for hole patterns that don't fit into the HSMworks pattern function. 


Bargain day - 2 ideas for the cost of 1.


Greg Haisley

Add "Use feed per revolution" to drilling operations

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate nnarzinski on ‎12-06-2016 02:16 PM - last edited on ‎12-23-2016 12:55 AM |

I've seen this brought up before in the forum, but it needs it's own place in the idea station.  Please make the drilling operation uniform with all of the other turning operations to "Use feed per revolution".  Currently users have to decide which they want to use and modify it in the post, which isn't very flexible like all of the other turning operations.  


this is an SW thing as I do not use Inventor or Fusion.


Currently you have to either RMB on a job and find the make default or hot key combination (which I never remember).


What I am suggesting is if you click and highlight the job and then select an operation it automatically makes that job default kinda of like the way SW allows you to preselect a a plane and then select a sketch feature which in turn automatically opens a sketch on that plane.



Status: Accepted

When using 3D pocket with flat area detection, it creates a toolpath on every level where a flat area is, through the whole part.


I'd like to use Flat Area detection applied only where the flat area is.


This way it makes unnecessary moves at a lot of levels



Implement Top Level Folders

Status: Gathering Support
by Mentor on ‎10-04-2016 07:56 AM

So we have two mills that I program with different limitations and it would be intensely useful to be able to utilize folders to sort them out, as well as for setups that have to start on the lathe as well. Since there are often multiple setups per part having a folder for each machine to help keep things organized is preferential.


Primarily this is in HSMWorks.


Here's how it looks now on a fairly simple part (bad) and I'd love two top level folders in this case (one for Haas, one for Fadal):



When you setup job I would like to be able to select the Level of Detail associated with that setup.

When I have multiple setups and fixtures needed to run the job I put everything in an assembly with different a Level of Detail for each setup.  Maybe the first operation I use a vise but for the second operation I have a fixture.  Having the proper Level of Detail automatically switch for whichever setup I'm working on would be a big time saver.  Going back to the Model browser switching the Level of Detail then back to the CAM browser is a waste of time, especially when you just want to do a quick change and simulation.   

I would like to be able to turn cutter compensation on above the the part.  I often have the situation were my tool diameter is not much smaller than the slot or groove.  So I do not have the room to even turn Wear comp on inside the slot.  I was able to do it the MasterCAM.  Right now I have to manually edit the code, which takes longer than I'd like.  I am thinking it could be an option under the Linking tab where you specify the lead in and lead out.

What I want to do is:

  • Lead In - turn cutter comp on then move down in the Z
  • Lead Out - move up in Z and turn it off

Example program:

  • (Finish Inner) 
    N232 G00 X0.025 Y-0.661 
    N234 Z0.6 
    N236 Z0.2 
    N238 G01 Z0.05 F6. 
    N242 G41 X0.0289 Y-0.636 D03 
    N244 G03 X0. Y-0.608 I-0.0289 J0. 
    N240 G01 Z-0.25 
    N242 Y-0.6071 
    N246 G02 Y0.6071 I0. J0.6071 
    N248 Y-0.6071 I0. J-0.6071 
    N248 G01 Y-0.608 
    N249 Z0.05 F25. 
    N250 G03 X-0.0289 Y-0.636 I0. J-0.0289 
    N252 G01 G40 X-0.025 Y-0.661 
    N254 G00 Z0.6 

Currently you have to pick one or the other.  It would be very helpful in some cases to be able to select touch surfaces and also select surfaces to avoid within the same operation.

Avoid Touch.jpg

generic mitsubishi turning post BETA

Status: Accepted
by Employee on ‎08-16-2016 01:30 AM - last edited on ‎08-16-2016 01:32 AM |

Hi all,


I am working on a generic mitsubishi turning post and we would be happy to get some feedback from you before we put it into the installation.

Feel free to download and test it.



Please use this topic only for any feedback regarding this postprocessor.


Status: Accepted
 I'm looking for some help getting a post processor for Fusion 360 CAM. We have an Okuma MX-55VB VMC with OSP7000M control that we bought used, also it is our first VMC. I have tried a few post processors that I found on the Autodesk CAM forum that other users had modified and posted there, but none of the ones I found wanted to work correctly.
 I'll start with a few things that I learned the control needs.
Program name must start with the letter "O" and have a file extension of ".MIN"
  Also program name must be listed at the beginning of the program
Control doesn't use G28.
Control doesn't use G116. ( tool change macro?)
Program must end with M02 or M30
I attached a file containing a scan of the G and M codes from my Okuma programming manual. This is just a single table 3 axis machine so there are G and M codes in the list that don't apply.
I think I have DNC setup correctly. ( getting errors on the G28 and G116 when I try sending a file that has those in)
I hope I'm not beyond help!
  Thank You,

In simulation you can not see if you went through the part when your "model" is visible. Would be great if we can turn the visibility of the solid on and off in simulation.

Status: Accepted

When I choose a template with 5 operations, I need to open them all to select the geometry. 


If we could drag the operation to a surface, that would save a lot of time. Especially for templates with "center"-"drill"-"tap"

shaft + holder avoidance - specify alternate model

Status: Gathering Support
by Advisor on ‎08-01-2016 08:34 AM - last edited on ‎08-01-2016 02:35 PM |

This suggestion has benefits in several areas.


Allowing users to specify an alternate model for shaft + holder avoidance would allow the inclusion of fixtures and clamps to be checked for collision and automatically trimmed/tilted/kept away from without having to include them in toolpath generation only to use containment methods to exclude them from toolpath calculation.


It also would allow advanced users to specify a surface that is otherwise occluded by the model itself for toolpath generation, while still using the model for avoidance purposes. This is mainly useful for multi-axis tilting.

Turning Confinement - Change confinement to work like milling heights

Status: Gathering Support
by Advisor Lonnie.Cady on ‎08-21-2016 11:06 AM - last edited on ‎08-30-2016 11:23 AM |

Change the confinement to behave like the heights planes in millling.  Have the ability to select options like from back of stock, from back of model, from jaws, from front of model, from front of stock, from selection.


One benifit is these would provide a visual indication of where the confinement is set.  When you want to bore thru a part that has stock on the backside you are forced to remember the correct backside offset from setup and put that in the confinement.  There is currently no visual indication you have this set correctly.  Also if the next time you run the job the slug of stock is cut slightly longer you have to change the backside offset in the setup and then change all operations that you want to bore thur.  Being able to say from back of stock would take care of this automatically.


Update from Autodesk Product manager:


Reference points:


  • Stock Front 
  • Model Front
  • Chuck Front
  • Front
  • Back
  • Selection
  • Absolute
  • Machine home

Reference Image:




Hi Could you guys think about adding cycle 99 to the siemens generic turning post processor config.Siemens uses 99 for threading operation so theres no other way around this except doing it manually which takes up loads of time.


Dave Gouws

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