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Stock Simulation Events window

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer todd.barker on ‎03-22-2017 06:01 AM

Stock Simulation Events window-

I have to close that window one more time... I will lose my mind!  ;)

Please make it optional for the window to open only if there is a problem with the rendering, instead of every time you run the rendering... for no reason.


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data sheets for tools / holders

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast denis.q on ‎03-21-2017 05:28 PM

Often, I have to navigate to tool vendors online catalogue to look for tool properties
that are not represented in tool-library. Sometimes I simply wanna know,
for an specific material what parameters the tool provider suggests. I think a selection box within tool library for an path to a pdf, jpg or even a hyperlink would be a good idea?





When using a multipoint threadmill, the only way to get the threading toolpath to overlap is to fake the number of teeth on the tool or fake the heights.  It would be very helpful to have an overlap or tangential extension distance parameter to modify this.  I'll leave the Naming of the parameter up to you all.

When you want a smooth rounded part made with a flat endmill using wrapping, you need radial moves.


2D pocket does most axial moves with leaves a pretty rough floor, but if you look a the floor with parallel moves (I used 2D contour with offset roughing passes) it much better. This would mean a really fast way to cut a nice looking pocket on a cilinder or fast cutting of a fillet on a 5 axis machine.


Please let me know if you like this idea.





 Keep it simple as follows:



You can simply edit a materials name list, no values, only your own expression. You can also choose one material name as currently active.

This selection stays until you choose another one. No connection to Solidworks materials or whatever, because we keep this simple.


Speed & Feed:


In the Speed & Feed tap you can select the material name and input your desired values. Check above picture.

When I select tools then the values of the active material (see picture main) is taken. No link of the values, no "live update" because we keep it simple.

If the material is not existing in the Speed & Feed a message shows and ask what material you want to use instead.


Of course I can copy a tool and put it in a library for different materials. But if something changes I have to manage and modify many tools that are virtually the same.



Hi Could you guys think about adding cycle 99 to the siemens generic turning post processor config.Siemens uses 99 for threading operation so theres no other way around this except doing it manually which takes up loads of time.


Dave Gouws

The majority of the parts we machine come from files provided to us by our customers who use a variety of different software types. Depending on the customer, we sometimes get some pretty bad imported geometry with a lot of bad faces and gaps. There are times we'll have hundreds of areas flagged as bad geometry by import diagnostics. It isn't reasonable to attempt to fix all of these issues on some parts and we've tried every import/export option and file format possible and sometimes the bad faces and gaps just cannot be fixed. HSMworks won't put toolpath on these parts if any gaps or faulty faces are considered too bad for the tolerance within each operation. There have been times I've opened up the tolerance to .03" and it still wouldn't toolpath the part. There are other times that due to a tiny .001" gap somewhere it won't allow the operation to be generated either.


There are other instances that import diagnostics shows the part is fine but due to some geometry HSMworks doesn't like, when I run the stock simulation's compare feature, the entire part shows as stock heavy or gouged even though it clearly isn't the case.


It would be nice if HSMworks would allow toolpath to be generated on part files whether solid or all surfaces even with some problem areas. It would be of huge help if it could just calculate the toolpath as it compares to what's in the file whether the geometry is perfectly clean or not. I've used other programming software, even very old software, that puts toolpath on every one of the parts that HSMworks won't due to these issues. When I program within other software, even if there's a .100" gap somewhere which is a mile out of my tolerance, it doesn't say the operation can't be generated, the tool may just dip into the gap as much as calculated and it continues on just fine

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Inventor CAM HSM Pro Post Processor

Status: Gathering Support
by Community Visitor npolak on ‎03-14-2017 10:18 AM


I have fagor controlled summit 3 axis mills.  We are using Inventor HSM Pro in our school to create the CAM cycle or G-Gode if you will to mill.

After contacting Fagor with issues we were having with the machine not being able to run the code that the Inventor CAM Post Processor was creating, they said that the Fagor post process in Inventor was "generic" and that we needed a more specific post process.  They said to contact you to have this created and sent me a sample program to share with you to use to model the post processor.

I have attached the sample program.

Can a post process more specific for fagor be created so we can run our part programs on our summit mills?

Thank You

Tool change position

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator Charlie_Wright on ‎03-11-2017 09:51 AM
It would be great to have a tool change position under Tools. Sometimes I have a long drill with less and a 1/2" clearance between the part and the drill, so I need to move the table forward and to the right to change the tool.
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Tormach Post Processor

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer brettedwards_be on ‎03-09-2017 11:51 AM

I'm looking for a post for probing/subprogram posting for the tormach iv hand written the routines but id like to just be able to post  using probing features 


Status: Archived
by Community Visitor john.thomeRM2AY on ‎03-09-2017 10:49 AM

While programming and trying to get the tool path you desire, it would be nice to be able to use CNTRL Z to undo the change in the tool path.  As it stands now you have to duplicate the process so you don't lose your tool path settings and test out the new settings on the new duplicated process. 

Status: Archived

A back and forth facing option would be a nice addition.  The "both ways" option that is offered does a climb, conventional, climb conventional, and so forth, not the best toolpath for hard metal tool life and finishes.  "Back and forth" strategy with "climb cutting only" is ideal...  The option that rapids across the entire part every pass is not super efficient.

I'd like to see if one can have the viewcube change orientation based on the Work Origin in HSM's current setup? My setup has a certain orientation where the top of my part setup conflicts with the view cube. I can reset the view cube to"top", but it would be nice if that were automatic.

It seems simple enough for the headers in the tool library to open at the same size they were last closed at. 

There are a lot of situations where you want to add extra "custom" information to an operation to use this in the post. If an operation has such a parameter you can let the post output different code:

Custom Operation.png


Some examples to use a parameter:

  • Coolant pressure to control a the speed of a spinjet
  • Amount of smoothing that the control needs to apply
  • Laser power
  • Rotation direction preference for 3+2
  • Rotation angle of a turning tool (for face turning)
  • Retract position after this specific operation
  • Anything else you want to tell and operation

ESPRIT shows the custom fields as an extra tab in the operation.


I know you can hack something to use the "notes", but you have to do all kinds of text manipulkations, its prone to error and you can see nowhere if an operation has a a note, so it stays invisable 

Cannot run wiper / shoulder @ Z0 for port tools, radius tools, or form tools.  This is a big problem for us, as we set all tools on the shop floor to the wiper / shoulder (SOP).  This is due to the obvious fluctuations in tip to shoulder dimensions coming from the tool vendors.  I just recently switched from Gibbscam to HSM and found out my programming department has to cheat the z depths to show the proper rendering.  Then, they have to remember to switch the depth back before posting.

Please help,



Allow Parting\Cutoff tools to do turning

Status: Accepted
by Collaborator len_1962 on ‎03-02-2017 05:54 AM - last edited on ‎03-02-2017 05:54 AM |

Sometimes the best tool for the part is using the Parting toll for a certain area of the part, so I have to jump over to surfcam to do this type of cutting.


all I have to say is at least HSMWorks keeps me fresh in using surfcam Smiley Very Happy 

Status: Accepted

I probably read this one too quickly.


Lonnie identified the correct toolpath for this in HSMWorks - Grooving with sideways grooving enabled.


That said, he also highlighted the root issue with this - leadins for sideways grooving are undesirable.


This is an open issue that is actively beeing worked on.  With this is mind, I have accepted the idea.  


To be clear, this is not to support grooving style tools (parting tools) in the profiling operation. 


The grooving operation is the operation used to drive grooving style tools whether that be a toolpath running radially or axially. 


If I am missing the intention of the request please let me know.





Inventor HSM/Fusion: Tilt angle in every 3D operation.

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator Arjancncmachineworks on ‎02-28-2017 03:58 AM - last edited on ‎02-28-2017 04:00 AM |


Quote from Sandvik:

  • When using a ball nose end mill, the most critical area of the cutting edge is the tool centre, where the cutting speed is close to zero, which is unfavorable for the cutting process. Chip evacuation at the tool centre is critical, due to the narrow space at the chisel edge.
  • Therefore, tilting the spindle or the workpiece 10 to 15 degrees is recommended, which moves the cutting zone away from the tool centre.



It would be great to have this possibility in every 3D finish operation, that way the multiaxis toolpaths will be even better without creating complex extra operations.


Rob showed a workaround to do something like this in HSMWorks "Flow", but it would be better is this is just in every 3D operation.

Support for 45° Face Mill Cutters

Status: Implemented
by Enthusiast dlewis1000 on ‎02-26-2017 10:42 AM

If only I could make my tool on screen look how it really looks on the machine. It would be nice to be able to add an angle to a face mill or perhaps specify the insert geometry. 


It would be much easier if you could import the DXF for any tool type. 

Status: Implemented

This is in all version of the latest version of the software.

The Project Lead The Way curriculum uses the Lab Volt 5600 CNC mill.  


I have received a generic labvolt post processor but we are having many problems with it.   

The G&M codes need to include two digits and need to be placed in front of the x y z coordinates or command.  For example  "M06 7" is the accepted code for tool change to tool #7.   "M03 S1000" is correct format for spindle speed but it is not the format generated by the generic Labvolt post processor. 


Also LabVolt 5600 does not use M1 to stop before a tool change.  


I am having problems with plane changes G18 & G19 plane specifications too. 


Labvolt is crashing prior to completing the code unless I manually edit the end of the code.

Status: Implemented

Initial post processor can get downloaded here:



Any feedback is much appreciated.

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