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you need permission to create projects

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you need permission to create projects

My "New Projects" button is greyed out and I get the error "you need permission to create projects" when I hover over it. I am the primary admin for our fusion360 account. I've never seen the button greyed out before.

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in reply to: mattCNC5Y

Are you using Single User Storage or are you using a Team account for file storage.  If on Single User Storage still, this is probably the cause as there is a limit to the number of projects you can create.  In the screen capture below, it indicates a Team and Single User Storage which has the red "X" over it.


Team Hub.jpg

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in reply to: mattCNC5Y

I am using the team. I toggled to personal and then back and the button became live again. Then I tried to make a new project to test and received a failed error. Screenshot attached.

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