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Won't extrude to solid

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Won't extrude to solid

All of a sudden all of my extrudes are shells and not solid. I am in the solid tab, my sketch is fully constrained, and the profile is checked in the sketch palette. I opened a new project, sketched a rectangle and executed an extrude. Again it was a shell and not solid.

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Please attach a model giving you this issue.  It really sounds like you are in the Surface environment but you say you are in Solids.  If you do not know how to attach your Fusion 360 model follow these easy steps. Open the model in Fusion 360, select the File menu, then Export and save as a F3D or F3Z file to your hard drive. Then use the Attachments section, of a forum post, to attach it.

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John Hackney

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Have you got thin extrude enabled by mistake?



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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Did you do a Surface Extrude or did you do a Solid Extrude (two different tools)?

An actual file would have ended all doubt.

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Actually I had the visualizer on "wire frame with visible edges". Sorry to
have troubled you.

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