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won't display selection's measurement in lower right corner

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won't display selection's measurement in lower right corner


I use to be able to select a line/face/shape etc and fusion would display it's measurement or diameter in the lower right corner. Not any more, I can't get it back.

Now I have to go into the inspection menu to get any measurements.

Is there a way to re enable this feature? is this a bug?

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in reply to: grascochon

Hey @grascochon try these:

  • Verify that the preference is checked as active.
    • (General - show detail measure)
  • File - view - Reset to default layout.





Karina Harper

Software QA Engineer, Fusion 360

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in reply to: grascochon

The last update seems to have altered/broken/removed some things I use a lot in my work flow, which slows down productivity. One of the things is what you posted about, the dimensions in the lower right hand corner.  It actually still kind of works, but it's clumsy in my opinion. I need to double and triple click on the entity to toggle through information displays (what layer or object the feature is part of and a dimension), and it only seems to work sometimes. Three steps forward and two backwards.

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in reply to: mcd540


it´s a known issue!



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in reply to: g-andresen

Thanks, I looking forward to having it fixed.
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in reply to: grascochon

I noticed this also as it is a super handy feature. As a work around, I found if I go from full window screen to a slight partial window, then drag the window a little to the left it starts working. Glad to hear it's a bug as I thought maybe it had something to do with my graphics card at full screen.

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in reply to: karina.harper

Experiencing same problem. But in one document I see this information and in another dont. Also I dont have the preference in General - Show detail measure

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