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Window management is a mess

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Window management is a mess

In the same vein as I have found another case of Fusion blocking itself with its own hidden modal window.

I was replying to a post here and need to share a link to a document. So I copied the share link and continued posting, forgetting Fusion in the background with the share dialog open.

Meanwhile the WiFi dropped and I had to fix the connection. After that, going back to Fusion I found it showing a "network unavailable" message. I dismissed it and while waiting for Fusion to recover from the "offline" state I was clicking the window only to get back "window does not have input focus" chime. Only when after several clicks I clicked on the taskbar icon did the hidden share link dialog window showed up in foreground, I had totally forgotten about it, and I was able to solve the problem by closing it.

So at least this one should be easy to test: open share dialog, disconnect the network, see what happens...

Cc. @Phil.E 

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in reply to: ltomuta

Note how the share dialog only goes away when Fusion is briefly taken to background.

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in reply to: ltomuta

Thanks for posting this. I have not had success reproducing this, but I can check with other testers.

Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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