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Why is my Sketch Precision showing 0, when I have it set for 0.1234?

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Why is my Sketch Precision showing 0, when I have it set for 0.1234?

As you can see I have a dimension that is 0.002", but as soon as I press return it shows a value of 0.  In my Preferences I have General precision set to 0.1234, so I can't figure out why it is still showing zero.

What am I missing here?

Screenshot 2023-11-10 170935.jpgScreenshot 2023-11-10 171004.jpg


Can't share my project file, sorry, working on proprietary IP over here.

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Just a guess, if the General Precision was at 0 when the dimension was initially placed and then your changed your General Precision to 0.1234, the dimension will not updated until it is deleted and replaced. 

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It's a very good guess, but sadly it isn't valid in my case. I already had it set to 0.123 by default, but I'd hoped that adding a decibel might force it into action.


Guess this is a glitch?

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in reply to: glencandle


I experienced this behavior once.
After I had increased the number and then reduced it again it was no longer reproducible.
Everything was fine in a new file too.

I will keep an eye on it



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@glencandle wrote:

Can't share my project file, sorry, working on proprietary IP over here.


Can you reproduce this issue in a new dummy file that doesn't have any proprietary IP?

Or does the issue only occur in this one file?

What if you save the file with a new name and then delete all geometry.

Create a simple rectangle.  Does the issue persist?

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in reply to: glencandle

Thanks for your responses. I fixed it, though I do believe it was a software glitch.  I had "Foot and inch display format" set to "Fractional" and I guess because the size was 0.002" it just rounded the down to zero rather than show 1/500".  I'm not sure who would want that, but there it is. 


Interesting note: I changed the setting to Decimal and my original value appeared.  Then when I changed it back to Fractional, strangely, it continued to display as 0.002" (instead of the original 0), though all of my other values are correctly being displayed as fractional.  I don't know, seems to have a mind of its own, but either way I'm off and running.


Screenshot 2023-11-11 173639.jpg

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