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Why is Fusion 360 such junk?

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Why is Fusion 360 such junk?

Fusion 360 is one of the worst software applications I have used in 40 years. It is RIDICULOUS. I started with AutoCAD 35 years ago. Why is the program not the same thing? Why is EVERY convention DIFFERENT? Why are none of the keyboard shortcuts existing anymore?
Why do things get locked I have not selected to be locked?
Why do I have to start with a sketch? Isn't this on a computer? Aren't computers smart? Why can I not draw a solid and the **** computer figure out the sketch?
Is automation lost on you people?
I made an ENTIRE part in Rhino3d in 90 minutes. I have not even gotten past 1 plane sketch in Fusion in 2 hours because nothing moves after I place it. STUPID CRAP. Just STUPID.

My favorite thing to underscore how stupid this program is... nobody can answer a **** question without a screencast. Never have I seen a program put together so badly that regular users cannot picture what is going on with another person's install, without a **** video. THAT is how bad this software is. You cannot even IMAGINE where someone is in the app... because nothing is common and occurs naturally and with an obvious timeline.

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in reply to: alienjuggernaut

You simply don't understand the differences between a free form modeling program like Rhino and a parametric modeling program like Fusion 360. I used Rhino for years and the move to parametric modeling took a totally different mindset. Any parametric modeling program will be the same, SolidWorks, Creo, Fusion 360. All are driven by sketches. No sketches, no modeling. It's simply the way it works. Don't fault Fusion 360 for being  parametric in nature. You have no idea how liberating parametric modeling can be when it comes to model changes. Rhino has it's place in the world and if it works for you, great. For those of us that need to make changes and updates to models for manufacturing purposes, parametric is king.

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in reply to: mcramblet

I literally started my drafting career with a pencil, vellum and a T-square.

I probably understand parametrics better than you. And their stupid method
of doing stuff parametrically isn't the issue.

The issue is... Autodesk is the same **** company I used 35 years ago. Why
are NONE of the program conventions the SAME anymore?

What I don't understand is why they made such an AWFUL UI. THAT is what I
do not understand.

Why when I made my sketch, nothing moves anymore? That is sensible?

And still, parametric or not... if I VISUALIZE a solid in my head, I SHOULD
be able to DRAW the solid, the way I want, and the computer PROGRAM THAT I
AM PAYING FOR... needs to do my bidding. I don't work for the software. I
pay for the software to work for me.

THIS is the problem that everyone is missing.

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Starting over with a new program is hard, so you have to schedule in time to learn.  I bought a VERY thick book and went through the entire thing before trying to get any work done with Fusion360, and that took about a week.


But as an engineer, I assume any program with enough features for me to get work done will require training, and a week is a minimum.  Of course, it takes longer than that to be truly proficient, but it's a big help if you learn how a program is supposed to work right up front so there's a solid foundation upon which to build. 





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in reply to: alienjuggernaut

Okay. Well, once someone develops mind-reading CAD software that will "do your bidding", you should be all set.


I won't hold my breath, I'll just learn how to use the tools that are currently available.


You may continue with your rant.

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@alienjuggernaut wrote:
Why when I made my sketch, nothing moves anymore? That is sensible?

Yes.  Just like when I place a part in a mill or lathe - I know exactly where it is.

And if I take it out of the machine and put it back in the machine - I know exactly where it is.




I started my career on the drafting board with pencil and paper.

I am quite certain that I understand parametric MCAD modeling better than you do.


Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

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@alienjuggernaut wrote:

Why do things get locked I have not selected to be locked?
Is automation lost on you people?

My favorite thing to underscore how stupid this program is... nobody can answer a **** question…


Where did you go?

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in reply to: mcramblet

@mcramblet wrote:

Okay. Well, once someone develops mind-reading CAD software that will "do your bidding", you should be all set.


I'd have to disagree. Users like the OP will then be completely obsolete if they aren't already 😉

Peter Doering
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in reply to: alienjuggernaut

@TrippyLighting  I have to admit, I had to look up what "OP" meant. I guess I don't spend enough time on forums. 😂

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The purpose of this forum is mostly for "us" to help other users with their help.

As such your post is not only out of place but also unprofessional.


Screencasts and video and YouTube are the tools of this age.

If you prefer written content, then the product documentation is available directly from within Fusion 360:



The self-paced learning menu item leads to a web page with a number of full Fusion 360 courses, but , again, that is video content.    


I might add that Autodesk Expert Elites are NOT Autodesk Employees.


Peter Doering
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in reply to: alienjuggernaut

My two cents for this Friday....


Users like the OP in this thread are often someone who is frustrated to the breaking point.  As the author of more than one rant in these forums over the course of the last 12 years or so, I know that it's often a catharsis to shout at the sky when frustrated.  It's not the most professional thing to do, but man.... it feels good to get it out!

As long as the rant and the following responses remain within the pervue of good taste and do not violate any rules of the forums, I'm happy to leave them be (not that anyone suggested this be closed).  Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and who knows... a year from now maybe the OP will become a Fusion fan.

Oh, and @mcramblet .... you SHOULD spend more time in the forums ( I have to say that...) 😁

Have a great weekend all!

Chris Benner
Industry Community Manager – Design & Manufacturing

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Also be generous with Likes!  Thank you and enjoy!

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in reply to: alienjuggernaut

Hi Guys,

I do agree with the topic. This is a solid-modeling software, but there is no logic in menu and the way the tool works. I used 123Designer for simple projects - it's just a perfect tool from AutoDesk with the same application area. There should be a monument done for the people created it. Here I can't copy and paste a surface, I can't move it with a simple selection, the modify in the Surface ribbon is for solids and not for surfaces at all. Even simple extrude doesn't work for objects after simple modification. This is just a simple thing in the 123Designer and is almost impossible in Fusion360. Fusion is potentially much stronger but this is a nightmare do work with it in the reality. The Geometry modifiers are extremly weak and crappy.

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Fusion 360 is super intuitive to me.  I love the way things are organized and you don't have 300 small icons every where.  I feel like a great many apps like MasterCAM are archaic and dated by comparison.  I feel like the main reason for this is because they have a decades old user base that are resistant to change like the OP.   Different=BAD to those folks because they're set in their ways.  

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in reply to: andriy1

@andriy1 wrote:

This is a solid-modeling software…

I used 123Designer for simple projects - it's just a perfect tool…


I have mastered CADKey, AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Autodesk Inventor Professional, SolidWorks and Creo (Pro/E) but never used 123Designer.  These other programs are all pretty similar in that geometry is geometry. For me it has come down to mastering geometry.

Can you File>Export your *.f3d Fusion 360 file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

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Sorry to say, but all CAD softwares are not the same, thus you cannot expect F360 to function the same as other software. Seems like someone bought a license without getting a trial version first to test the fields of F360.😉

Please click on Accept Solution so other community members can see how to solve the issue.
Also, consider giving a Like to the comments that you feel helped you.

Best regards,
Level  sutherland-

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in reply to: CGBenner

all is well. 

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in reply to: griffithcaleb


Describe a real case and avoid using fecal language.





The underlying post has been replaced with the words "All is well".

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in reply to: TheCADWhisperer

Looks like it's my old post. I couldn't upload the model as I did it to try in customer project. But, in case I will do something else again, I will make some videos. If you have a timeline and try to do the same you did in other tools. This I also third, that all CADs are about the creation of scatches or promives, extrusion and some operations like fillet, revolve or similar. But it's not. It's a very complex history-logic behind them, which completely changes the game. It's like use C++ instead of the Basic. I learned one more "historic" tool, it's FreeCAD. This again a total mind change. And simple thing becomes a complex task.
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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?


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in reply to: alienjuggernaut

I tried Fusion 360 and I have to say I was not impressed. A free 30 day trial. I found that I didn`t need the whole 30 days. I gave it a couple of hours and couldn`t get it to do anything remotely useful. The programme is clunky and unituative . I have been using soldworks for 10 years and although SW is not without it`s issues , compared to fusion 360 it is truly angelic. Fusion was recomended to me by a former collegue for the cam aspect . In all honesty I didn`t get that far with it so I can`t comment on that . Simple stuff that I can achieve in minutes with SW took me hours with Fusion. 30 day trial , I only actually needed a couple of hours to find that there is no good reason to change to Fusion.

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