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Why does view keep changing to Orthographic?

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Why does view keep changing to Orthographic?

Morning all,


Trying to figure out how to get my view to always be perspective with ortho faces. It CONSTANTLY reverts to orthographic which I don't even understand the purpose of because that view is always oddly skewed to look at.

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in reply to: zmihlrad

Its a regression in the update - I logged it yesterday with the team.


If you disable Auto-look at Sketch it seems to not do it (in as much as i've seen)

Ryan Bales
Fusion 360 Product Support
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in reply to: ryan.bales

Any further news on this as it's still doing it?

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in reply to: daveG32QF

Last i tested and was aware it was slated as fixed for October release. 

Ryan Bales
Fusion 360 Product Support
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in reply to: ryan.bales

i still have this issue in 2020

any suggestion?

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in reply to: bonobox

I doubt its the exact same issue as that one was specif to auto-look at sketch, i just tested the issue from above and its still fixed.


What are your repro steps? 

Ryan Bales
Fusion 360 Product Support
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in reply to: ryan.bales

When you simple edit a sketch previously made in a more complex drawing and close the sketch the issue is still present till today in some drawings/objects.. If you open another drawing and do the same, the problem is gone and it also solves the issue in the drawing you initially had the issue in. So in other words, it's hard to reproduce, but still very present.


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in reply to: ryan.bales

I have the same problem as to3dornottobe.
When working on more complex projects and when I edit a sketch that is a few steps back on the timeline, the perspective changes back to orthographic after i finish the sketch.

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I'm having the same issue as well.


In my case, I believe the Camera setting goes back you Ortho when I use the Look-At command to look at a sketch on a plane that is not in the 3 origin planes.

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in reply to: zmihlrad

June 2023. The problem is still in place.

Fusion 360 periodiaclly arbitrarily without any reason switches Prespctive Camera to Orthographic. 


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in reply to: zmihlrad

I am also encountering this problem. It keeps happening since 2020, when I've started with Fusion 360 and never stopped. I haven't tried disabeling the "Look at sketch" mode, but it  would be nice if it worked well anyway, in any mode.  


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in reply to: zmihlrad

 November 2023

  The problem is still there. Do you think this is going to be resolved any time soon?

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in reply to: zmihlrad

Still there now in 2024...

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I’ve had this issue for months. Very annoying. 

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