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Why does it feel slugish and clunky?

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Why does it feel slugish and clunky?

it feels so slow and clunky to use.

this is running on a powerful modern computer with 64 GB ram, 3090 GPU and Samsung pro SSDs.


To be honest, the app takes longer to load than some of my video games.

doing simple tasks, clicking things, saving, etc. just feels slugish, often freezing and pausing for a couple seconds.

The app doesn't even scale properly with modem monitors and doesn't even have a dark mode.. As a new user of the program, I like what the software can do., so i'm not trying to sound like a troll.
i'm just a hobbyist.. i find it hard to believe the amount of money the software costs, and despite how much I would like to pay for it. it doesn't make any sense for something I would only use a few times a month, especially for an app that doesn't seem "polished" if you know what i mean.. but at least there is still a free version i guess?


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