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Why do hidden bodies still show up in renders?

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Why do hidden bodies still show up in renders?

Doing some renders for a project and I can't figure out how to hide bodies so that I can render the internals.


Is this even possible? This is for a client project so I am not uploading the file.


Basically I want to hide the screen so I can render the rest of the server rack without it being in the way. Many cloud renders and local renders later and the thing is still in the way.

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in reply to: Lumenarius

So if you use an "in canvas render" this is not an issue.

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If you take a screenshot there is still a UI in the way and random pieces get highlighted.


It would make using the software much more intuitive and efficient if when in the Render tab, and you "hide" and object, it is actually hidden from the rendered image.

It is not a good idea to actually delete the object.

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in reply to: Lumenarius

This is a bug that has been reported many times.

Peter Doering

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