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Why Did Fusion Change my View to Perspective?

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Why Did Fusion Change my View to Perspective?

Out of nowhere Fusion changed my default orthographic view to perspective. Any reason why this happened?

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in reply to: Sfricia

Hi @Sfricia,


Thank you for posting! I'm not sure why that happened but you can switch back to Orthographic in the Display settings.


display settings.png

Masanobu Minohara

Product Support Specialist

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in reply to: Sfricia

Same happened to me; every now and then it changed view. Easy to change it back to orthographic, but frustrating when I have to do the same over and over again 😛


Next time I'll try to remember what I did before it changed view

Recently started Fusion, previous experience with Solid Works.
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in reply to: infoTYLYF

Thanks, it isn't a big deal, but there is definitely a bug in there somewhere which is resetting the default view for some reason.


First time it happened to me, so it took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on.

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in reply to: Sfricia

I am experiencing this as well. Quite frequently I find the display setting has changed. Mostly to Orthographic rather than Perspective though. I read another thread from back in 2015 that said it had to do with Fusion switching to Ortho automatically when sketching. Though that seemed to have been resolved back then. Anyone find a way to force the Display setting to go back to Perspective with Ortho Face?

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in reply to: ralarock

I've had this happen as well, I usually use Perspective with Ortho Face but occasionally it sets itself to Perspective.



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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Many thanks...Such a simple thing but be blowed if I could find it!

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in reply to: Sfricia

Happens over and over to me.  It's rather annoying.  Someone should try to fix this bug.

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in reply to: jnackard

Yes, this has also started happening to me quite frequently the last couple of weeks...

Any news on this?

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in reply to: jrnX56D5

Same here, happens infrequently lately.

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in reply to: TJS01

Happens to me all the time, changes from ortho to perspective, hate it. Especially the part where I get a mild heart attack looking at geometry that should be all lined up and it's skewed all over the place as if something had blown up in my design.

PLEASE fix this.

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in reply to: Sfricia

It's happening to me too, just to +1.  I'm used to perspective, and I get confused when it keeps switching back.

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in reply to: Sfricia

Hi there, I realize this is an old post, but in 2021 I am still struggling with a problem strictly bound to this one


I can sure switch ortho/perspective views by clicking three times (click on the camera settings icon, then camera view, then the desired option) but I can't find the famous thee dots on those options, so I can't configure a keyboard shortcut to quickly switch between camera modes - nor I could find any other solution online. Nobody seems to be missing the feature, yet I guess it would be extremely appealing.

Does anybody know how to bind an hotkey for switching between camera modes?

thank you

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in reply to: ilnomedellaccount


i agree with @ilnomedellaccount problem. it keeps changing as soon as i start a new sketch. this is a big bug

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in reply to: Sfricia

Seems as though nothing was done about this bug because it is happening to me as well...

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