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Why are Parameters(Parametric Modeling) linked to Capturing Design history?

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Why are Parameters(Parametric Modeling) linked to Capturing Design history?

Can someone explain to me why Parametric modeling, using the Modify > Change Parameters menu, is linked to Capture Design History?  There are features I want to use where I need to turn  Capture Design history Off(Organizing the component Tree),  and I was surprised that this then turned off Parametric Modeling.  Doubly Surprised to then find that it had wiped out all my saved "User Parameters" I had so nicely Parametrically Modeled.  Turning Design history Back on did not restore my list of user defined dimensions.  


I had been building a new cabinet and had set some custom dimensions under the  Change Parameters menu(Plywood thickness, and various reused heights and widths).  Continued designing.  I decided I wanted to group a set of components inside of another component.  So I turned off Capture Design History, dragged components inside of another component.  BLAM. Parametric Modeling was then gone when I went to make my next piece.


Shouldn't a Workflow that does not capture Design History still be able to use Parametric Modeling conventions like referencing other known dimensions and saved user dimensions?  I was looking forwards to going back and changing the Plywood thickness.  But Now I can't without starting all over, and changing the extrudes of each piece manually.


Is this a bug or WAD(Working as Designed)?


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Parametric modelling is possible because you are Capturing History.

Direct Modelling has no Parameters.  

Working as designed.


At the time you switch off the Timeline the warning fine print told you this is not a reversible manoeuvre.


To reorder a browser ????????? - to some extent you can keep the timeline.
I wanted to group a set of components inside of another component.  
Doable with history turned on, to some extent. 
More details can follow if you describe why you have Browser drama.


Might help…..






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