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Why are my tokens being used?

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Why are my tokens being used?



I'm mostly a free user. In the recent past, I have activated the trial (I have done it once before, but got a message I can do it again), and tried some extensions too. I wanted to see if I can do a single force calculation, so I bought 100 tokens (as that was the minimum amount).


I am back on the free mode, but recently got a message, that if I want to save a model, I have to use some tokens, or have it closed and return to a previous save. Since I did not do serious changes, and didnt wanted to go pay model, I refused and opened an older, saved version.


I just looked in my token history and found that some of the tokens were used up. Specifically, 16 in the last 15 days, on some days, looks like 2/day. I cannot figure out what is taking them, but I now have Flex in my Fusion title bar instead of Free.

I do not mind paying for some uses, but I want to know when, and for what, and I would like to stay a free user for 99% of my time. 


Thank you


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If you are seeing "Flex" on your Fusion 360 application I suspect that you are using a Flex Fusion 360 Contract.  I would log into your Autodesk Account and find out.  This webpage talks about using Fusion 360 on Flex.

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