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when revolving a body made of a spline sketch

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when revolving a body made of a spline sketch

when revolving a body made of a spline sketch a "stitch" turns up - wich also is visible in the later 3d print. How come?

It doesnt show up in a revolve with a circular cross section?


Ive tried cutting it in half and mirroring it but then it just get two stitches..


Any ideas on how to fix it or what im doing wrong?

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please share the file 

File > export > save as f3d on local drive > attach to post



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Remesh before printing.

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it just has to do with the mathematics of the geometries involve.  A revolve of a circle is a torus.  We can model a torus without the seam, but a general spline curve cannot be modeled, mathematically, without that seam.  The surface across that seam is still tangent continuous.  If you are planning to 3D print this, and you see the seam in the 3D print, then, as @TheCADWhisperer says, you can convert to mesh and remesh it, and 3D print from that mesh.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director

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