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When editing a Feature, why can't I de-select a face?

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When editing a Feature, why can't I de-select a face?

For a few years now I've been annoyed that I can never unselect a face from a selection I've already set for a feature (i.e. Fillet), without deleting the entire selection of faces, edges, etc.


It's annoying because sometimes I'll have dozens of features I want to keep and only one or two I want to de-select.  


For example: I simply want to de-select the large blue face, but I can't, so I have delete the entire selection and then re-select all the other sixteen features that I want to keep:

Screenshot 2023-12-01 221259.jpg

Am I missing something or is there just no way to do this?

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in reply to: glencandle

Holding down the Cntl or Cmd key, 

allows deselect and reselect, may not work for all cases.


Might help…..

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in reply to: davebYYPCU

Ha, you'd think after working in CG for more than 20 years I would have known that! 


My defense is that when you start a feature you just click on features to toggle selected/deselected, so I assumed the same functionality when editing a feature.  Kinda weird to have to use the Control key in this instance, but hey at least it works. 


And yes I feel dumb that I didn't try that already 🙃

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