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What is the condition called where Fusion is hanging or stuck?

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What is the condition called where Fusion is hanging or stuck?

See screenshot. Black background browser. Fade to white when clicking on canvas....and what if this is lasting for over 10 minutes.  What is this condition called?dwm_5N9GyJqmtY.png

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"Thursday"?...... But seriously I call it "Hung" or "Not Responding".

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Hanging, frozen, stuck, etc.


Specifically what's happening is the UI thread is locking up - this can happen because the app has truly experienced a fault, or just when it's thinking hard on the main thread. Most operations happen in their own thread without interrupting the UI, but there are a few that still exist.


Ideally, we would not have CAD processing and the UI on the same thread, and there is a long term effort to fix this (and the resulting white UI/black box combo) underway, but that hopefully at least explains why this happens.

Lance Carocci
Fusion QA for UI Framework/Cloud Workflows, and fervent cat enthusiast
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I would distinguish two categories, because they are very different:

  • hung - truly stuck, and is never going to come back.  This case is actually VERY rare.  I've only seen a few legitimate cases where this is true, and none recently.
  • busy - you have asked Fusion do do something that is expensive, and will take some time to complete.  This is not a bug (although, as @lance.carocci said, it would be nice if the UI thread were not locked during this time).  Expensive operations are expensive.  You need to be aware of what operation you are doing, and prepare for it, if it is expensive.  Large patterns (especially sketch patterns) are known expensive actions.  But, even some operations such as Shell or Fillet, if it is on a complex body, can take some time.  Some mesh operations are also expensive. In these cases, it is best to let the operation complete, unless you are willing to lose work by force quitting the application.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director

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