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watch pin: geometry over constrained with by joints? and joints moving together

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watch pin: geometry over constrained with by joints? and joints moving together

I have drawn a simple watch pin. They make these in several sizes, and only the middle part changes. So I added all the dimensions for the moving outer parts (that do not change), and then added a parameter for the total width. This way, I was hoping that after I insert this in my drawing, I can just change the parameter to find the length I like. 


After making the sketch with the parameter, I did the Revolves to create the middle part and the two moving end pins, and then created two Joints so I can move the pins in and out.


I have two questions and a problem 🙂

-is there a way to have the two joints move together (but in reverse?)

-is there a way to change the parameter in my main drawing, after I inserted this part?

-and my problem: After I create the joints, the parameters do not work anymore. If I open the sketch, it says its over constrained. Somehow the joints fix the lenght of the middle part, which is not what I want. Is there a way to not have this constraint? Doesnt make sense to me. 


I have attached the part. 


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I tried undoing back way to the sketch creating, and there were now constraints. But if I delete the joints, or roll the history marker back, I still cannot change the parameter. 

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in reply to: rprovideo

I believe you "over use" of the Symmetrical sketch constrain is your problem.  I fixed and added the issues you desire.  You would use a Motion Link to get the ends to move together but opposite directions.  Let me know if you need further help.  Model is attached.


End Movement.gif

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in reply to: rprovideo

I have accepted the solution (thanks for the tip with motion link, i will check it out).But I am a bit confused how I overused symmetrical links. I draw one quarter of the item, and mirrored it to have a symmetrical item. I am not sure why is that 'overuse', it sounds like the exact reason to use it... especially as the error message I got was really not helping. 

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