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Warp one corner of a body?

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Warp one corner of a body?

So am am trying to make a bike frame in fusion 360, and I have a body for the rear triangle, I want to just push one corner inwards, to have clearance for the chain. I am not sure how to do this, and I want a similar effect that I did for the rest of the triangle, by extruding a thick piece, then cutting out the curve, but I only want it on one corner. Is there a way to do that?






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You cannot just "push in" a part of an existing solid body. the only way to do that in Fusion 360 is to modify the inputs (sketches) earlier in the designs timeline. 

Peter Doering
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Do you have any suggestions of how I might achieve this using sketches?

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Change the dimension circled in red and observe what happens.

Go through the timeline and browser of the attached design  step by step.




Peter Doering
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I am trying to just move that one corner inwards, while keeping the top corner connected to the top linkage, and the corner connecting the axle where it is. I just want to move that corner inwards to make room for the chain and chainring, while still having room for the tire. I will attach the fusion360 file. I have also attached a few pictures of what I am gong for. Sorry for my lack of skill in fusion360, I am sure it looks a mess, I only started learning this very recently. Thanks. [Edit: The rear wheel is 29 inches in diameter, and about 2.5 inches wide]







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@carterbilawchuk wrote:

I am trying to just move that one corner inwards,


Understood! Did you look at the design I shared?

If so, what did you observe and then conclude based on your observations?



Peter Doering

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