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Views are missing on my drawing after updating the model

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Views are missing on my drawing after updating the model



I have a problem with a drawing.

When i open the drawing the views are all visible.

But when I update the drawing. all views disappear and only red boxes with a cross remain with all the dimensions which have lost all their references. (see attached picture)


i need a solution quick because i have to send my drawing to the supplier





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Hi Eric,

Can you recall the last modification you've done to the model before updating the drawing?

Can you create the views of the current model from scratch in a new drawing?

Can you try to promote a previous version of the model and check if, updating the drawing, you get the views back?

Thanks and regards,


Alessandro Gasso
Fusion 360 – Simulation/Generative Design Adoption Specialist
Autodesk, Inc.
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try this:

1. edit your design

2. move the marker to the end of the timeline

3. save your design

4. update your drawing




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I experienced the same issue.  It turns out that I had not finished editing a sketch.  Once I finished the sketch, I saved the file and then updated the drawing...and all was well.

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I faced same issue 

Please check in drawing at the left side the part is selected or not

double verify the tick mark on part is right or not.

If tick mark on part is not showing then click on it.

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