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Version Description Visibility Improvements. Feedback/Idea

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Version Description Visibility Improvements. Feedback/Idea

Hi All,


This is more of feedback/ideas then a question but there was nowhere in the "Feedback Hub" to put it. 



I have found that trying to do a proper description of the changes made to a design in the Version Description is not very effective. When you view the version description in the "Data Panel", see below, you can't read much of the it because it gets cut off.


Annotation 3.png



  • Open design on Web/myhub and then cursor over each description to see it in full, see below. This works but is annoying and a bit time consuming.

Annotation 2.png



  • A way to combat this with a slightly different workflow idea is to always save via making comments in the design.  This is super nice if you want to mention someone working with you and tell them what you did or if you want to reference a specific part that you changed . (In comments you can "Comment on an object" or  "a point". In case someone didn't know that). This seemed like it would work fine at first but comments are too easily deleted and if you are using those comments instead of version descriptions then them being deleted is a real problem. Also there is no way of 'reviving' or viewing deleted comments, but I will make a separate post about that. 


The best solution, in my opinion, would be to add some comparison 'mode' in Fusion 360 (the desktop program ideally, not myhub or whatever) where it allows you to see the full version descriptions, who made them, when they were made, and maybe even a list of components that were modified (like in "compare versions" in myhub if that wouldn't take a long time to process). Having this be a box that comes up after clicking a button under the design version drop-down box (such as beside the "View Details On Web" link) or possibly as its own tab in the main design space like the "Comments" tab. I think it would be nice to have some hybrid of the comments tab and version description 'tab' but that might be a bit confusing. If they hybrid idea is done then comments and version descriptions could be different colors or something. 



My account is a student account and "SINGLE-USER STORAGE". I don't seem to have access to milestones so I am not sure how they work but I imagine they have the same issues as the regular save version descriptions.


I hope that was helpful to other users and the fusion team. Sorry it was quite long. If anyone needs clarification or has some cool ideas of their own feel free to add to my ideas.






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I totally agree, should be fixed

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