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Verry laggy from one day to the next

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Verry laggy from one day to the next

Fusion suddenly runs extremely slow with the cursor and orbit lagging behind to the point it's unusable. oddly enough it was running perfectly fine yesterday. everything else seems to run fine on my pc. Could it be something with fusion itself? as far as I know I didn't download or update anything since yesterday.

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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file that exhibits laggy performance to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

Are you running a 3DConnexion device?

If yes, what happens if you run Calibrate?

If yes, what happens if you unplug/turn it off?

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I Just managed to figure out the problem. However the cause is still a mistery. I stated everything else was running fine. It was as "the rest" was just browser and slicer. However I did notice the pc running a bit more sluggish than usual. So in the task manager I noticed the cpu running at 0.52GHz (Ryzen 9 5950x).

Restarting and reseting the bios settings didn't seem to solve the problem. however just as I wanted to watch a video about the issue my pc bricked itself and unplugging the power and replugging seemed to solve the issue. Cpu is running at 4.4GHz again.

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