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Using parameters to change a component with configurations.

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Using parameters to change a component with configurations.

Hello Everyone,


Is there a way to use configurations to change a component based on a parameter?

I.E. I have a case design that can have 2 material thicknesses, 7mm & 10mm and I want to change the hardware on the case depending on the material thickness, a small latch for 7mm and a large latch for 10mm.

Screen grab below of what I'm trying to achieve.


Look forward to hearing some feedback.



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in reply to: benQNT9Q

yes, that is exactly what configurations is for.  You would use component suppression to suppress one latch in one configuration, and the other in the second configuration.  Joints will also be suppressed.


Just to be clear:  You will not be able to suppress components just based on a parameter value.  You will have to set that up manually:

  • config 1 - thickness = 7mm, suppress large latch
  • config 2 - thickness = 10mm, suppress small latch

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: jeff_strater

Hi Jeff,

I've got that working with the different configurations for other components but I cant figure out how to do it with the material thickness parameter.
I want to just change that material thickness in the parameters list instead of setting up 30+ configurations if possible.
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in reply to: benQNT9Q

Ignore that last part of my reply, I have just seen that you mentioned you cant use a parameter and I've now set it up like that nice and easy.
Thanks for you quick reply.

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