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Using equations and formulas in drawing

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Using equations and formulas in drawing

Hi All,


I have a parameter driven drawing which has two dimensions, "slot-width" & "slot-height" which will change per drawing (hence it is parameter driven).  Now skip to the drawing, I have a template that I use for this particular product and I am wanting to add a field to the drawing template which will calculate the slot open area i.e. slot-width * slot-height. Is there anyway to use these parameters within the drawing template to do this?

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in reply to: joel.lister

Hi @joel.lister 


We have an upcoming feature called "Properties Anywhere" coming soon. I'd like to show you how it works, I think that this new feature could help address this requirement.


I'd love to hear from you directly, and to get your thoughts around this. If you're up for it, here is a link to my calendar (, please book a 30-minute session with me, and we can chat on Zoom (Note that times are in 24:00 format so 03:00 is 3am, 15:00 is 3pm). I'd also be happy to show you some of the new tools that are coming soon (see the public roadmap Or if a good old-fashioned email is more your style, feel free to ping me Clint. Brown {a}

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in reply to: ClintBrown3D

Thanks @ClintBrown3D I have booked a slot for tomorrow morning.

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in reply to: joel.lister

Hi Joel


Great to meet you today, I'll send a follow-up email a bit later as promised.


For anyone else reading this thread, keep an eye out for “Properties Anywhere” on the What's new blog


“Properties Anywhere” will allow you to place model properties in any text field, such as leaders, text boxes, custom tables and dimensions. We'll also support parameters. This should be available in the insider build of Fusion very soon. It is planned for the next major release (obviously, pending all the usual validation and checks, to ensure that it is ready to go out on time).

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