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Using drawing templates in offline mode

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Using drawing templates in offline mode

Due to a less than ideal internet, I cash my files and work in the offline mode. I manage my uploading and down loading this way and all is well. I have created print templates and when in online mode all templates work as expected. When in offline mode the print templates disappear from the drop down when creating a new print. I have locally cashed the print templates. I can open the templates from the print templates folder when in offline mode. The option to save a template locally does not seem to be available. Not sure if I am missing something, but it would be nice to create drawing from my templates in offline mode.


Thanks in advance.


Working on windows 10, no performance issues and A360 version 2.0.5044

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Hi @jeremy.merrill25,


Thank you for posting in the forum! Unfortunately using drawing templates in offline mode is not supported at the moment.


This has been logged with the development team as an enhancement request and hopefully it will be implemented in the future. (FDWG-10110)


Masanobu Minohara

Product Support Specialist

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5 years later and this has still not been addressed... very inconvenient for what should be standard functionality

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Came here searching for a solution to the same issuue. Glad to find the answer, would be a really nice feature to implement. 

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