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Updating Fusion 360

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Updating Fusion 360

The last few days students have had the problem of not being able to open existing
files because it says we need the latest update of fusion 360. But usually in the upper right, where there is the Clock icon, there would be an update needed symbol and there is not one. That makes me think that it’s up-to-date. Our IT department took a look and does not see any available updates. Do you have any suggestions?

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Lets start by determining what version of Fusion you are running.

Go to About...



Shift Win S to grab a screen capture like this...



... and then Ctrl v to Paste the image in a Reply here.


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Well, our IT department took another look at it, and for some reason, it turns out the laptops had to be manually updated. I'm not sure why the job status icon did not have an available update. Whatever the case, my students are back in business. Thank you for trying.

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