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Update parts in drawing makes Fusion freeze.

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Update parts in drawing makes Fusion freeze.

Hi all,


Ik made some corrections in some parts of my assembly.

Now when I open an earlier made drawing from the assembly I see the typical yellow triangles.

So when I press the update tiangle in the top bar, Fusion freezes (no crashreport or anything) and can only be closed.


What's happening??

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how long did you let it run?  How big is the design?  How many components were being updated?  I have rarely seen cases where Fusion was legitimately hung and would never complete.  A lot of the time, Fusion is just really busy doing something complex, and it will eventually finish.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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A soon as I open up the drawing nothing seems to work, Small design, 23 parts, 14 parts need to update.

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Get crazier by the minute.

I decided to do the drawing all over again, but as soon as I hit the designbutton and choose the desired sheetformat Fusion freezes....Only the mouse can move, none of the buttons react.


Tried it on other parts and assembies too and get the same problem.

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Small clip of what is happening.


Thanks for your time, Mark.

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Hmm... that is strange, I agree.  Looks like some basic Drawing workspace issue.  @ClintBrown3D - have you seen any cases like this, and if so, what was the fix?


The only thing that I am aware of to try is the basic uninstall and reinstall brute force approach - does that help at all?


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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Well, it gets even funnier. I fired Fusion up on my homecomputer yesterday and it works flawless......So I'm going to re-install it.


EDIT: So I reinstalled but it still won't work, but finally I get a warning: "This computer's graphics driver or hardware maybe limiting performance" 

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in reply to: jeff_strater

hi @m.van.hameren 


This is an issue that we have seen with older NVIDIA cards. It's quite possible that we may not be able to help, but on the off-chance that we can, please can you share a DXDIAG graphics diagnostic with me, so that I can take a look at your graphics setup.


Here is a video showing how to do that:

cc: @jeff_strater 

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Thanx for your fast reply.
DXDIAG file attached.

Greetings, Mark.

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Hi @m.van.hameren 


It looks like NVIDIA stopped supporting this card in March of 2018, the last driver for it was released in Janaury 2018.


Please refer to the article from the NVIDIA on the Quadro 600 end of life: 


This page from NVIDIA, shows the last driver here:

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I was already up for an graphicscard update, so I hope soon it wil work all again. Thanks for your time and efford!


greetings, Mark.

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Videocard updated and recommended driver installed, everything works fine again!


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