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Unable to set a parameter due to conflict in unit...

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Unable to set a parameter due to conflict in unit...

Hi everyone,


after using F360 for almost 5 years I now discovered "parameters" and I'm really mad at myself for not having looked this up earlier as it makes live MUCH easier - when working ^^


I have created this sketch and want the amount of holes in proportion to the overall length of the object.

With the current length of 27.50mm, 6 holes fit and alight perfectly.



My approach was: "floor ( lenght / 4.58 )" which makes 6


BUT as you may see above (in red), the command is not accepted.


I assume it's because F360 does not create just a "6", but rather "6mm" and in that "count" window only numbers are allowed, no other units will work. 


On the other hand I can't create the parameter if not selecting "mm" as unit....



So what can I do to resolve this..? If even possible... 😕 


Thank you so much in advance!



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in reply to: NVNDO

you need to change the type of the parameter from mm to "unitless".  You may have to also divide by 1mm to cancel out the mm units in your expression.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: jeff_strater

Hey! thanks for the quick reply...


When changing to "unitless" I can't save the parameter, as the length is in "mm".


So it seems like I need to create a parameter in "mm" but I can't get the /1mm to work. 

The only way I was able to save it, was like this... but that is weird.. F360 came up with it. 



I assume the remaining problem are the zeros. ".00"

How can I get rig of those? because when entering a number followed by .00 I get an instant error.  


I there any way to get a solid 6?



EDIT: After messing around with the parameters for 15minutes, Fusion gave up!

Now floor(breite / 4.58 / 1 mm) works. 


I have no idea what the issue was... I typed the same stuff over and over and Fusion always added *1mm.

Calculation works. The design still does not 😂but I'm one step further and have learned something new.


Thank you so much!!

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