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Unable to select certain edges whilst using fillet command

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Unable to select certain edges whilst using fillet command



I am hoping to add fillets to the 8 vertical lines (4 on either side), to remove the abrupt/jagged shape of the object.


On the left side of the body I am able to fillet the vertical lines, however, on the right side (selected in blue, on the attached photo) I am unable to select the edges.


Shown in 'image 2' is the outcome I would like for both sides. (Selected in blue is the small fillet I would like to add to the 8 vertical edges on the part)


Many thanks, 




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This design can be significantly simplified.

No construction planes required.

No Lofts required.


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How would you do it with no lofts? Is there a way to add the fillets, or should I start over?
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Order of adding the Fillets is critically important - but if this were my design I would start over.

What size do you want the Fillets?

Minor = Major R-Thickness of the part?

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Good day @oliverandersonbusiness,


You amgle is 0.8 deg. In my testing, the smallest edge I could get a fillet onto was 1 deg.

Hope this helps.

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Kind regards,
Pieter-Ben van Wyk
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I’ll restart the part. But would process would you use to avoid the loft
and planes?
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Are these two holes supposed to be lined up horizontally?




The basic geometry is two simple sketches with Extrude - Intersect.


Nothing complicated here requiring any Loft.  Simply Extrude and Extrude-Intersect.


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Cheers, I see what you mean.

But how come when I go to fillet in the vertical lines on the 'long/right side' of the body it selects the whole body where as on the 'short/left side' I am able to select the vertical edges.
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1. You did not Attach your new file.

2. You did not answer my question about what Fillet sizes you want.


I can demonstrate easy, robust and predictable design - but this is a two-way communication endeavor.

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1. I haven’t made a new file as I want to learn a solution to this problem.

2. I am unsure what fillet size I would like, if you are able to show me any size fillet, I will be able to take it from there.

Appreciate your time,
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You also didn't answer my question about those two holes at opposite ends of the part.

They are very close to Horizontal alignment - but are not in fact aligned.  Is the Design Intent for those holes to be aligned horizontally?

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Sorry, none of the holes are aligned in any direction.
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Oh well, I have already gone beyond that -  you can edit as needed when I attach my example.



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No worries, thankyou
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Examine the Attached file.

Of course you will edit the two sketches as needed and also add all of the cut features.



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Thankyou for that, I see that it can be significantly simplified. However the longer side was also not inline with the middle and was offset, similar to the smaller part.
Shown in the first image I uploaded at the start of the thread, I selected the vertical edge I wanted to fillet but as soon as I clicked the fillet tool the edge would deselect. How do I stop it from deselecting and a fillet to smooth the connection between the loft.
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Attach your new file here.

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