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Unable to launch, repair, re-install or uninstall Fusion 360

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Unable to launch, repair, re-install or uninstall Fusion 360



I am unable to launch, repair, re-install or uninstall Fusion 360. The issue began couple months back when I was trying to free some space temporarily, so I cannot remember exactly what happened beforehand (ie. if I mistakenly removed a .json file etc.). However, now, I would like to be able to use F360 again and would like to help others who may be facing a similar issue, which is why I am creating this forum. When I try to repair I get a server problem whereas the other options fail without a pop-up. Therefore, I have uploaded the log file created when I try to repair the app, as prompted. Please, also see the attached prompt window.


Thanks in advance!



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@cemmirata Can you please try the solution from the below article?

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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Hi @cemmirata ,


Thank you for sharing log file. Looks like you have installed Fusion with command line option to install Fusion 360 on D:\ drive. However, this option is not supported for per user installation. Please uninstall or cleanup then install Fusion360 without configuration


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Hi, sorry it took me this long to provide an update. The solution was to simply run a new setup file for Fusion 360...


As suggested by @RajkumarIlanchelian, I tried changing the permission settings to the "WINDOWS" file specified in that thread but I couldn't. However, I suspect that the file path on my end is wrong anyway so changing would this would not have made a difference.

The setup file I had was different to the one provided by @dooyoul_chung. Although I did not uninstall the existing Fusion360 or did a cleanup, after running the setup file provided above, I was able to use Fusion 360.


Thank you to you both!

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