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Unable to install Fusion 360 Personal on new replacement PC

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Unable to install Fusion 360 Personal on new replacement PC

Trying to install Fusion 360 for personal use on a new PC (pc2) but this error is reported:

ssl.SSLError: [SSL: DECRYPTION_FAILED_OR_BAD_RECORD_MAC] decryption failed or bad record mac (_ssl.c:2546)



I've been using Fusion360 Personal on an old PC (pc1) with no problems for about a year.

Initially I did successfully install using a new account on a 2nd new PC (pc2), joined my original team, but found I had limited access and control of the existing team files, so tried to un-install new installation on pc2 but an error occurred,

ended up formating the drive (drive1).

Fitted new drive (drive2) to new pc2, with new install of Win10, fitted along side previously formatted old drive (drive1).


Tried to install Fusion360 Personal on new drive2 of pc2 using original pc1 Fusion360 account but an error occured as follows:

ssl.SSLError: [SSL: DECRYPTION_FAILED_OR_BAD_RECORD_MAC] decryption failed or bad record mac (_ssl.c:2546)


Performed successful un-install of original Fusion360 Personal on old PC (pc1), thinking that two installations not allowed to co-exist, i.e. pc1 and pc2 .

Tried to install again on pc2 , but same error as above reported.


Any ideas on how I can install Fusion360 Personal on a 2nd PC (pc2) having un-installed from 1st PC (pc1),
using original account used on pc1, please ?


The installation log is attached.







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Update.........have now installed Fusion360 on new PC (pc2).


Initially tried a different approach, chose to load the Free Trial (30 days) instead of Fusion360 Personal Use,
this failed with same original error message.


Then went into my Autodesk account which I've had for a while.
Found a section called Product Updates, there were two available updates, one of which related to licensing problems:

Autodesk Licensing Service - - Win - Update

Licensing Manager 1.0

Released on the 24Oct2023 - so very recent.
Installed this update and the Free Trial (30 days) then installed with no problems.


I'm not in a position to say the update was the solution but looks likely.


All my original drawings were retrieved from the cloud and loaded into Fusion360 Trial (30 day) without problems.

Obviously I'll have to load Fusion360 Personal once the trial finishes.


Hope this helps someone.



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