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Unable to download (or access) Personal Use version

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Unable to download (or access) Personal Use version

I'm trying to use the Personal version of Fusion 360.  I have downloaded the software and had the 30 day trial which has now expired.  So I still have the software on my system but it is Read-Only.  I'm in the UK.

I go to:, and click on the "Get Started" button that takes me to:

where I sign in, but it takes me straight back to


I can keep going round this loop for ever and not get any closer to being able to use the Personal version.


Any help would be appreciated.


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I do not have any issue getting to the download site and access the streamer application.  I have attached the file as a zip file.  Once you unzip it, make sure you have enough computer rights to install and run it as an Administrator.  You will need to be on the internet at all times because the application is just the streamer installation program.

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John Hackney

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Thanks.  I've done that.  Installed fine.  However, I am still in Read Only mode.  "Expired Subscription - Read Only".  I suspect the problem is with my profile held by Autodesk rather than the software on my laptop.

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Having same problem.  Any solution to this?  My previous subscrtiption details have simply been wiped from my account and now I cannot even get close to restarting a personal subscription.

What's going on?

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Mine now works.  Try clearing your browser cache before attempting to renew licence.  I think that's what worked for me.  Maybe.

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Thanks.  I've now successfully got it running, I'm not sure what made the difference.  I followed all the bits of advice so far offered and travelled a different route through the website eventually downloading the software again.  Hey Presto - it is now set up for Personal Use for twelve months.

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For those like me struggling to make this download button work. Yo must go to and click on download Fusion 360 from this page, it will download the "Client Downloader" only way a managed to make it work!




Best regards from Brazil!

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