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Unable to click "Generate" in Generative Design tab

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Unable to click "Generate" in Generative Design tab


I have an educational license with unlimited credits, and I have created the model, had it pre-checked with no issues. Yet, when I attempt to Generate designs, I have been unable to do so since the button is unclickable.

Could you please advise on how to proceed?





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in reply to: azmanNFKSB

By chance do you have a Fusion update pending?

K. Cornett
Generative Design Consultant / Trainer

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in reply to: azmanNFKSB

I have also been facing the same issue with the Generate and Simulate buttons. I also do have an educational license. 

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in reply to: azmanNFKSB

The same for me. Looks like Fusion can't find any cloud credits for my educational account, and the simulation requires some cloud credits. When I try to check my credits in preferences, the app freezes.

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I also checked updates and completely reinstalled Fusion along with computer restart. I'm working on macOS and the OP seems to have Windows app, so maybe not an issue with the application itself.
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in reply to: azmanNFKSB

I'm having the same issue. It worked fine on Friday, but I updated Fusion at the end of the day and since then I haven't been able to run any designs. It seems that the update broke generative design (possibly for education users only, not sure).

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in reply to: azmanNFKSB

Hi everyone,


Thanks for raising this. Can you each post your log files from the machine encountering this issue? 



Mike Smell

Sr. Product Manager, Fusion Generative Design

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Here's my log file.

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I am also having this problem with my student account. I cant start the generative design.

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in reply to: azmanNFKSB

We have found that this is a more widespread issue that we are actively working to resolve. 


Please follow our progress here -

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Here you have my log file. I hope it helps.

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