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Unable to access Fusion 360 due to a "Unable to Create Teams" Error.

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Unable to access Fusion 360 due to a "Unable to Create Teams" Error.

Hi all,


I am asking if anyone here has ever had troubles signing in to a personal version of Fusion360 and is greeted with this prompt? I have tried contacting Autodesk directly and they have not been able to resolve my issue. Hence, they have instead told me to just put up a forum post instead detailing my issue for the community for help. The account that I am on has never been used to create a team or anything like that and is only used for a 30-day trial of fusion that has now expired. Hence, I've applied for a personal use one and have managed to download it after completing the details here: 


I have attached the relevant screenshots of both methods of the "creating teams" process, through this link: and the Fusion360 itself. I have also tried to do a clean reinstall of Fusion360, delete the cache through the Fusion360 diagnostics tool and followed steps from these forum posts to absolutely no avail:




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I have tried using another computer to use the account and it is still giving me the same unable to create teams error. 

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