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UI displays with low quality and is not sharp.

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UI displays with low quality and is not sharp.

Hello there,


Now the issue is that the UI as a whole, not just the text or graphics, the entire UI is made out of jagged lines and a relatively low resolution for some reason. I have took the time to look through the fourums and the internet, and the solution to such an issue was to either "Enable (or disable) HighDPIScaling" or going throught Fusion360.exe's properties and enabling (or disabling) "Override high DPI scaling behaviour". But neither works.


My current workaround that I have been using for a while is as follows:

  1. Uninstall fusion 360
  2. Reinstall fusion 360
  3. Open fusion 360
  4. Disable highDPIscaling from preferences
  5. Restart fusion 360 (now itll open with a low resolution only, no jagged lines UI)
  6. Enable highDPIscaling from preferences again
  7. Restart fusion 360
  8. Make SURE to not close the fusion 360 application, or restart laptop. If either happens, then I have to repeat the process from uninstalingfusion 360 all the way to the end once again. No idea why this occurs.


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Does it usually take this long for a person in Fusion360 support to reply?

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