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Ubuntu Linux

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Ubuntu Linux

Hi Please could you help i would like to run Fusion 360 on Linex ubuntu 

is it possible 


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in reply to: richard6Q44H

Hey richard6Q44H,

The Fusion 360 desktop application is only compatible with Mac and PC. We have a browser version in steady development that's open to the public now, but it's got a long way to go in terms of functionality.


If you want to do some basic solid modeling, give it a try:


Jonathan Odom
Community Manager + Content Creator
Oregon, USA

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in reply to: jodom4

I would also be interested in a version that runs on Linux. I tried the link above for the web version but the link doesn't work.

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in reply to: beniciamakerspace

Sorry about that, this link should work:


Sign in, click on a project in the list or make a new project, then go to New > Fusion Design. That will open the web modeling interface. Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.10.25 AM.png

Jonathan Odom
Community Manager + Content Creator
Oregon, USA

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in reply to: jodom4

I looked at the browser version and that would be okay when in a pinch. But, I have been frustrated with Windows and Mac OS for years and have been moving all my computing to Linux. The last very last component I am waiting for is AutoDesk products to work on Linux. Eagle is no available on Linux, which is integrated with Fusion360, so...when will Fusion360 be available on Linux!?!?

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in reply to: richard6Q44H

I agree, I really think Fusion 360 is amazing, except for one thing. You guys are making me boot into windows to use it 😞 . Running in Linux native would be great.

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in reply to: richard6Q44H

I would love to have a GNU/Linux port of Fusion as well. As a software guy, I know supporting multiple distros is a nightmare. However, only supporting Ubuntu and nothing else would still be massively helpful. Not to mention, if Fusion supports MacOS, then most of the work needed to support Linux is already done.

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in reply to: richard6Q44H

My voice for "linux version" also.. same as other people already mentioned - Fusion360 is only one software, i'm having on windows.

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in reply to: richard6Q44H


There's always users asking for a linux version!

The web app is tremendously slow, not fully featured and I'm pretty sure it's taking way more effort than it would to release a linux port in the first place.

Otherwise it could be made easier running it through wine, but it's not the ideal option.

Please, please, please... give us Fusion 360 for linux!

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Many of my classmates would be very happy if there was a version for Linux

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in reply to: richard6Q44H

I also suffer without a Linux version

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in reply to: mao_z

me too


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I wait one day, when I didn`t need education online version or broken wine, that is  freesing in chromium or firefox browsers.

I switched to linux a couple month ago to get better control for my pc, free system and lower resource usage.

My expectations for working in it with wine/proton are ruined.

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in reply to: jodom4

 Flatpak is great option for non indifferent developers.

All required libraries are shiping with application. 

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Please make ubuntu version ....

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I also whish-upon-a-star for Ubuntu / Debian version please. Windows sucks. (btw did Autodesk give up on the web version? It is nowhere to be found now. All I can see is a list of my designs and a janky web viewer. Perhaps it is now an extra paid licence feature?)

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in reply to: jodom4

Same here, a native version for Linux would be greate!

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in reply to: richard6Q44H

Running Fusion 360 in a virtual windows machine on Linux (This is the ONLY reason for the windows VM). PLEASE support Linux.

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