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Trouble saving sketch as a DXF in Web Version Fusion 360

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Trouble saving sketch as a DXF in Web Version Fusion 360

I am teaching a summer camp with 54 students and I have them using Fusion 360 in their web browser. We are ultimately using Fusion 360 for making parts to cut out with a laser cutter. In the desktop version - I can save a DXF file of a sketch with little issue (except for construction lines...). If I try to do it in the same way on the web browser version - I can not save the file to my downloads folder. Then I tried saving the file and then exporting the DXF through the window that appears when you select export. This sends me a link to download a DXF of my project, but it does not give me a usable part. Sometimes it just shows as a single straight line, others it resizes the file. Am I going to have to make my students install the desktop version to save DXF files?  Thanks!


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The only workaround I can think of would be to create a 2d drawing of the part. You can hide the border and title block so you only end up with the part in the drawing. On the export dialog you need to select save to project in the cloud and Save to my computer. There is a bug though and you'll need to do this twice before the file's copied to your hub. I've reported this bug but support didn't seem to understand!😞 EDIT Once saved you can download the DXF from your hub.




Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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Hi Mark, 

Thanks for your response. It definitely seems like there really isn't a good way to save DXF files of particular sketches in the web version. I made a pivot in the summer class so that I wouldn't have to save a DXF. Thanks for your solution!


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