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Trouble Deleting a Component from the Data Panel

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Trouble Deleting a Component from the Data Panel

Within the Data Panel, I've navigated to the folder containing the component that I want to delete.

The component was placed at one time into another assembly, but the assembly has since been rebuild without the component (i.e. it is not in the history of the assembly anymore).


Within the Data Panel, the component I want to delete shows the following:

Uses -- This item does not reference any other designs.

Used In -- This item is not referenced by any other designs.

Drawings -- No drawings for this design.


When I try to delete I get the following message:

Cannot delete selected data. Data is in use or relationships exist on selected data.


Any Ideas?

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Hi @john.mulherinBTPVV


Thanks for posting! I think it is likely that you cannot delete the design because it is used in a previous version of the assembly file. The assembly file has links to the component you'd like to delete - just not in the current version.


This can be difficult to work around in Fusion - this is a known limitation that there have been a number of reports of. As I assume that you do not want to delete the version history of the assembly file, I would recommend simply creating a folder within the project for deleted components and moving the file into it (right click the file in the data panel and select "Move").


I would be curious to know if opening any previous versions of the assembly that the component was included in and breaking the link in them would resolve the problem as well, but this would take some time to look into and I'm not very confident it would work.

Paul Clauss

Product Support Specialist

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What do you mean by break the link in the previous versions? For example I am using part A1 in design A. I copied design A and modified to be design B which copied part A1 with it (because referenced). I no longer use part A1 in design B, but won't let me delete. I don't want to break the link in design A because I am using it there, there is no workaround?

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