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Transfer team ownership

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Transfer team ownership

How do I move the ownership of a Team?

I changed jobs at the beginning of the year. I was working for a very small company and when I joined I used my Fusion 360 account to start things off as originally I was the only user. When I left there were 3 users

When I left I kept my existing account but tranferred the licence to a new user we set up and at the same time set up the other members of the team with administrator rights to all the projects. This worked fine until last weekend.


Last weekend I logged onto the old account and had to set things up as a basic account as I haven't paid for a licence.


Now all the other users can't save any changes to the projects.  They get the following message.




This is causing them major issues.  We have tried the online chat, they didn't really understand the issue but passed it on but the email back was about administrator rights and closed the case.

I have reponded to that email with more details but this is taking time and they still can't use their files properly.


Is anyone here able to help with info on how to transfer the ownership to another user quickly and easily please?


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