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Tool library gone in recent update

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Tool library gone in recent update

In today's recent update , my tool library seems to be gone. I can't get Fusion360 to show it up.

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Couple questions:
1) Do you by chance have a second account and if so, are you logged into the proper one?
2) If you ARE logged into the proper account, can you try logging out and back in again?
3) Are these cloud or local saved libraries?
4) If Cloud, do you see them in your Assets folder (in the Data Panel)
5) Can you show me a picture of WHAT you see (or don't see, as the case may be)

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Found the culprit, the update have reset all the parameters to default so
the box ''Enable Cloud Libraries'' was unchecked.
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That's a super good feature to disable that, I am positive people who depend on this software for their livelihood would like to spend their time searching for stuff they already did and should be saved.  

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